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AuctionMart An established leader in the refurbished and pre-owned medical equipment business, offers solutions for the purchase, sale and distribution of pre-owned equipment coming directly from hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.
Blindspot Mapper Blindspot Mapper - For Sale: $199.00 (Plus shipping and handling) For more information, please call Dr. Burdorf's office at 602-951-5006.
Books - Neuro Chiropractic Neurology Books - with direct links to Amazon
Cardio Heart Rate Monitor Cardio Heart Rate Monitor - Fast and easy to use 29.99 each
ChiroWeb Nice selection of vendors from ChiroWeb
Cottonballs Lots of supplies for the examination, lab, diagnostic rooms, with good prices
Equip List Equipment list prepared by Dr. Carrick, Henry and Powers for your reference
Eyelights Stimulate the dominant and non-dominant areas of your brain with Eyelights from Peter Jaillet, DC, DACNB - Only $139.95 plus shipping. Say you heard about it from Dendrites! Patients love the glasses.
Live Manuals LiveManuals wants to usher in that long-hoped-for day when losing a manual to an electronic gizmo doesn't mean forfeiting the right to use that appliance. Choose from a variety of items.
Medsite Medsite has supplies, books, and a lot of good information for the medical chiropractic community
Optokinetic Tape This Optokinetic tape is made from 100% Chintz, a fabric chosen for its strength, durability and flexibility. It was designed to look professional as well as to be functionally sound for years of clinical use.
Office Posters For your office wall or front display window
Posters Specially made for chiropractic neurology office - I have this set in my office and get lots of nice compliments. Thanks Dr. Santo for your efforts.
Ratings Ratings of all software vendors for chiropractic offices
Software Chiro Neuro Software Vendors - Names and Addresses
The List Pretty complete list of various vendors
ThomasRegister The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers offers online info on more than 155,000 companies. You can also search by brand names -- all 124,000 of them
Wobble Brds Fitter Wobble Boards - I have one of these and they are made with quality.


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